Saturday, November 26, 2005

Caribbean Thanksgiving

We searched Sint Maarten in the dinghy looking for the perfect new stove for Ka'imi and to cook our Thanksgiving dinner (the traditional Pizza and salad). We finally found the perfect one with 3 burners, a nice oven and a broiler to make toast. After we found the oven we had to search for a store to provision. We found a great one on the French side and stocked up on a few items. It was then time to test it all out and start cooking. The food is excellant here and we love having the time to finally cook it ourselves. Shrimp, rice, cheeses and some great wines from the french side, and the occasional veggie burger. We're going back to french side today to get Mike a great big steak since we got the barbeque up and running.
We're getting ready to repaint the name on the boat to Ka'imi, install the raw water strainer, fix dinghy davits, paint the bottom, replace a few hose and through hull fittings and if we find nothing else, then we'll launch the boat. Cheers from Sint Maarten, Mike and Kim


  1. Hello Mike and Kim
    The updates are great, keep them coming. By the way, exactly how did you hurt your foot. The popular theory is it had something to do with the foot pump on the toilet. Let us know.

  2. No Steve unfortunately the toilet pump doesn't work until we get in the water, the infection how is unknown???? Perhaps bug bite or scratch, all better though.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Hey Mike,
    this is Martin (your CPA). According to the IRS notice you sent over to me they are comin' to get you. The IRS agents are a few days behind you though. They are in a black schooner, so keep an eye out for them. hehe



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