Sunday, November 20, 2005

Life in Dry Dock

Cheers from Sint Maarten. We're settled onto the boat living in the boat yard. Quit a experience.....but we're loving it!!! Michael had a minor misshap, his foot got infected and swelled up like a balloon. We went to the doc and he gave him some antibiotics, a diuretic and pain pills. All of this for just $35, doc visit $25 and meds $10. At home we would have had to pay twice that plus our insurance premiums. Life is good here. The doc told him to stay off it for 3 days, so we've been taking it easy a bit. We have our new car a 10' dinghy and call her Weedie. With the 15 hp motor she goes's a blast. Since we can't swim in the lagoon we take the dinghy to the ocean about once a day and tie up to a mooring ball so Kim can get her swimming fix. It's so much easier running errands in the dinghy, there's no traffic and just about everything is accessible by water.
At the end of the day we usually kick back in the cockpit for some R&R and check out our view. The boats in the water that you see is where we will anchor after we get out of the boatyard to finish up any odd jobs on the boat. We pick up the stuff we had shipped over here tomorrow so we have to find places aboard to store it. But were looking forward to getting the tools so we can get some major work done (and the air conditioner is sounding pretty good right now :). It's hot, hot here, how's the weather where you are? Everything here is going great, we have met some very nice and interesting people. A local guy, Macklan, has helped us out a couple of times with different projects, he's a great guy. The mosquitos here are crazy...they love Michael - he must taste really good cause they eat him up, they don't bother Kim unless Mike's not around, so wherever Mike goes to sleep, Kim follows :)))
Tomorrow we clean out the water tanks so we can actually drink the water on board. Up to now we've had to buy it. Forgive us for the humdrum updates, we haven't had much of a chance to get out and explore because we want to get the boat into the water as soon as possible. We'll take pics of the interesting things on the island as soon as we get a chance to tour a little more. That's all for now, we wish everyone well. Cheers Mike and Kim

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