Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom Pitteroff's Visit 2011


Mom's visit, this is her trip to the Dolphin Research Center where she had Merina paint a T-shirt for her. Merina is a new mom her calves name is Flagler. Merina is the Dominate female in the maternity pod, in other words she is the head hancho. She is very beautiful as you can see and does not have a scratch on her. She has 3 daughters Pandora, Calusa and Cayo all very individual and spirted ladies in their own right. Flagler is her first son.

Merina painted mom a T-shirt.

Besides the Dolphin Research Center we also had a great time relaxing and sailing. We took mom out to Sombrero light for some snorkeling and were very lucky to actually see some wild dolphins on the bow. Videos are posted below.

Below, Mom at anchor :)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bobby - Mike's Brother - Comes for a Visit


Bobby, Mike's brother, came to visit and spent two weeks here in the Florida Keys. He's from the State of Washington so it was nice that temperatures stayed in the mid 70's during his visit. The pictures in this post are taken by Bobby (except when they are with a dolphin).

He arrived just in time for New Year's and enjoyed Mike's famous Rum Punches. Cheers Swabby Bobby (our nickname for him)!!

The sunsets in the Florida area are amazing and it is very hard to capture just how beautiful they are but we think Bobby did a great job - he is a great photographer. He was very diligent about taking the sunset picture every evening here are just a few of them.

That is a sunken boat that the birds are perched on this is right off the stern of Ka'imi.

These colors are incredible!! How is this for a view? The great thing about living on a boat is you can choose your backyards.

Bobby and Mike spent a day at the Dolphin Research Center when I was working. They both took a swim with the Dolphins and had a great time. Here Bobby is swimming with Aleta.

They both got kisses from Aleta also, Aleta really liked Bobby and didn't want to stop kissing him!

Here they are swimming with Tanner.

Two of our dolphins at the Research Center had babies recently, to the left is Merina and her calf and to the right is Tursi and her calf. Both calves are male but names have not been selected yet.

To the left is Kilo, a sea lion who makes his home at Dolphin Research Center (DRC) and to the left is the gorgeous Gypsi.

To the left is Iggy the Iguana who lives at DRC and to the left is Kim hard at work observing baby dolphins :)

Sincemike and I had to work much of the time that Bobby was here, he adventures of his own. He walked down the old seven mile bridge to Pigeon Key, which is a very long walk!

Here we are at one of our favorite restaurants, Burdines!!!

Bobby tooks some awesome shots of Pelicans, these are just a few! Did you know that Pelicans can hold more in their beaks than they can in their stomachs.

These are burrowing owls that live in the Florida Keys, they live underground and are active in the day rather than the night. I am not sure what the bird on the right is, but it is beautiful.

Of course we took a trip to Key West and had our picture taken at the famous Hog's Breath Saloon.

Thanks for visiting Swabby Bobby, we had a blast!! Cheers for now Kim and Mike on Ka'imi


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