Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Returning to Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha, we are on a heading back to Oahu, Hawaii. The port engine has a oil leak and coolant leak, (no worries) the starboard engine is running fine, however, it has a salt water leak. We have decided to head back to Honolulu for repairs that we are unable to fix at sea. We also have to have the Genoa repaired as it was hit by a squall and the squall won!! We are now 442 nautical miles from Hawaii. Our current position at 10:40 PM Hawaii time is N18'08.9181 W164'54.1399 our ETA to Hawaii is 2/29/08 - but that could change as we have a wind that is on our nose and a one knot current against us. We will finish up repairs and then see what the plan is. Hope you all are well.

Cheers Mike and Kim in the Pacific Ocean

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

At Sea

Aloha, we are on the s/v Sugarcane and we are at sea. We are approximately 45 miles off the coast of Honolulu with a position of N21.00.3184 W158.29.8956. It is 1945 (7:45 PM) Mike is getting some rest for his 1200 to 0300 (12:00 AM to 3:00 AM) watch. I am updating the blog waiting for my 2100 to 1200 watch (9:00 PM to 12:00 AM). We are currently motoring because we have no wind, hopefully we will get some soon. It is a bit rolly but not really uncomfortable, off course I haven't tried to lay down yet. It's a beautiful night and we should have some moon :).

Everything seems to be running okay we got out of Ala Wai Harbor today at about 1:00 PM after a minor repair to the mainsheet traveler. We will check in with you later. Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Aloha, Cheers and Ciao Mike and Kim somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still in Hawaii

We are still here in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. We did a shakedown cruise and found a few things that needed repair. We also had trouble with the SSB and sailmail so we decided to come back in a fix everything. The SSB and sailmail is running like a charm, we have brand new batteries and everything in the boat is nailed down or gone missing.

We are just sitting back with our beers, reading the weather and pretty sure we will leave tomorrow. Knock on wood. We will keep the Blog updated with sailmail and we head out into the Pacific.

Aloha, Cheers and Ciao, Mike and Kim as Crew on Sugarcane.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Aloha from Oahu


Aloha we're currently in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. The plan is to leave on Thursday, February 14th, for a shakedown day sail and overnight anchor. On Friday, February 15th we'll be heading across the Pacific Ocean bound for our first stop in the Marshall Islands, Majuro Atoll. We'll do some diving there, then head out to Pohnpe, Truk (Chuuk), Palau and lastly Cebu, Philippines. There will be lots of diving along the way at some incredible sites. We'll be updating the Blog site with written updates via the SSB radio along the way, and if we ever get a good internet connection we will put some updates with photos in.

We're traveling on the s/v Sugarcane which is currently docked in the Ala Wai Harbour. Sugarcane is a 55 foot Gulfstar Ketch Rig. The vessel is captained by Jerry Logan and we have a crew of three.

Originally we had a crew of four, Mike and I, John and Ian. John was the Mechanic/Fisherman and all around great guy, he is moving on to better opportunities.

Ian the Dive Instructor. Ian has gone back to Viet Nam working as a dive instructor. Unfortunately, we lost John and Ian, we will miss them we were looking forward to traveling with them.

The good news is that we found Bill, a retired Fire Fighter/Paramedic and a Mechanical Engineer. So now there are three.

It's taken us three weeks to get the boat ready, but the previous crew had already done two months worth of work. Then there is Dave the electrician/mechanic/magician and fixer of all things (except changing light bulbs) who has been a tremendous help in getting the boat ready. He lives here in Ala Wai Harbour on a Coast Guard boat that he bought and is refurbishing. He is retired Coast Guard.

We've had Sunday's off and have managed a few escapes between work while we've been here. We took a bus to the North Shore and saw the Pipeline unfortunately the waves were not breaking.

We accidently got off the bus too soon, and weren't quite sure where we were, but no worries we found something to do while we were there. It was a little local area, with a local park. Later that day we stopped somewhere on the North Shore for a great mexican food lunch and some cervesa. When we were leaving to catch the bus home we had a downpour hit and were starting to get soaked when a guy comes up to us with an umbrella and shares it with us...very cool... he helped us get the right bus back into Honolulu and catch the right bus back to marina. I know it's an island and it should be pretty straightforward to get around a circle...but look who your dealing with...we will get off the bus just to look at a beach, or a boat, or a person or a..well you get the picture :))))

We also visited Waikiki beach many times for swimming, sun, good food, drinks and sunsets, our favorite pastimes.

It's very crowded here in Honolulu but we have enjoyed our stay. To the left is the world famous Dukes. We tried to get in there and have a drink and look up an old friend from Huntington Beach who is a manager there, but it was soooo packed, we chose to walk.

As always we hope you all (or y'all) are doing well and we will be checking in when and if we can, we wish you a warmer, dryer and sunnier winter......

Aloha and Cheers Mike and Kim currently on the s/v Sugarcane


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