Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Returning to Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha, we are on a heading back to Oahu, Hawaii. The port engine has a oil leak and coolant leak, (no worries) the starboard engine is running fine, however, it has a salt water leak. We have decided to head back to Honolulu for repairs that we are unable to fix at sea. We also have to have the Genoa repaired as it was hit by a squall and the squall won!! We are now 442 nautical miles from Hawaii. Our current position at 10:40 PM Hawaii time is N18'08.9181 W164'54.1399 our ETA to Hawaii is 2/29/08 - but that could change as we have a wind that is on our nose and a one knot current against us. We will finish up repairs and then see what the plan is. Hope you all are well.

Cheers Mike and Kim in the Pacific Ocean

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