Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter in Belize

Yaaa we made it! We arrived yesterday after a 52 hour sail. It was somewhat bumpy but smoothed out to some beautiful wind and seas the last part of the journey. We came through the reef at San Pedro, Belize yesterday but since officials will not be working until Tuesday we came over to Cay Caulker to rest up in some beautiful waters. We can't really go ashore because we are quarantined until we check in. We had a good sleep last night, no rolly polly, until Mike woke me up and said it was my watch. Ha Ha real funny Mike :).

We will go over to San Pedro Tuesday morning and get the paperwork stuff done and get us some fresh fruits and vegetables. Not sure where we go from here there are lots of islands in Belize and the they are all behind a reef, so we will have easy day sails as we hop around. Some friends of ours sailed into the Harbor yesterday afternoon Tom and Colleen on s/v Unplugged. We hope to go scuba diving with them after we get checked in.

We are living at this Latitude and Longitude for the moment N 17.44.780 W 088.02.022. I realized the next day that my last post only had our latitude and longitude, no wind direction, speed or course heading, I must of been in a hurry, it wouldn't of done us much good if we needed help. We have lots of beautiful pics but absolutely no internet so that will have to wait.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, love to all our family.

Cheers Mike and Kim

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

On the High Seas

We are currently at sea, our position is N19.50.601 W087.16.108. The wind is on our stern (butt) and the seas are 3-5 ft. Still heading for San Pedro, Belize. We saw big turtles and jumping 5-6 ft fish yesterday. We hit a squall at about 3:00 PM yesterday and had lots of rain. All is well. Cheers Mike and Kim

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Off to Belize

We are heading to Belize this morning, can't wait to get to the clear, cool water!  Time for some Scuba Diving.  Below are some pictures from Puerto Morelos.  Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

Shrimp Enchiladas

Puerto Morelos Beach

Happy Camper

Old Lighthouse washed out by Hurricane


Monday, April 07, 2014

El Cid Marina, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Hanging out in El Cid Marina while this next cold front comes through.  The harbor is currently closed so no boats in or out.  This Marina is really well protected and we feel good being here.  We will take a picture of the anchorage we were going to stay in and post it later.  We will be here for about a week.  We have full use of the hotels pool, hot tub and beach and it's really a nice place :).  Ka'imi is safe and we are relaxing.

We walked about 2 miles into town yesterday and found it to be friendly and quiet.  It's a small resort and fishing town.  It was Sunday yesterday and the port was closed so we saw a lot of fishermen and their families hanging out at the beach and swimming.  We ate at a local restaurant and each had two shrimp tacos with an incredible delicious sauce and a bucket of 5 beers mue bueno!  The waitress was really nice and working on her English.  I (Kim) was working on my Spanish, but she had such a look of bewilderment on her face that we just laughed.  I need Spanish lessons!!!  LOL

We didn't take any pictures yesterday so we are heading back into town today and will post some more pics!

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


Saturday, April 05, 2014

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

It is Sunday, April 5th and we are now in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We arrived a few hours ago after spending yesterday and last night in Cancun. We will be staying here until this next cold front passes, not sure how long yet. It is a pretty town/beach we will check it out tomorrow. We had a pretty rough sail today and are very tired. The seas were bigger than the forecasted 4 ft, they were more like 6-8 one point they just got BIG! We are on a mooring ball, they won't allow you to anchor anymore much to our dismay. We are not sure of the security of the mooring ball, but they are trying to save the reef which is a very good thing! We haven't found any internet here so we may be out of touch for awhile.

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Island of Isla Mujeres

Windward side of Isla Mujeres
Playing on the beach
 We rented a golf cart on Monday and toured the island.  We went around several times as it is not that big!  There is not much to see in the way of history and the island is so busy with tourist it almost reminds me of Tijuana.  We found some beautiful spots though and had a really fun day.

Mexican Iguana

The iguanas here do not look like the ones in Florida, they are missing the crown.

Restaurant on the Leeward Side of the Island

Wounded Duck

We stopped and had lunch at this restaurant/hotel on the leeward side of the island.  I had shrimp tostados and Mike had chicken tostados...what we got is 4 chips with a piece of shrimp or meat on it and some guacamole...LOL...I left hungry!  Afterwards we went to a street vendor and got some fish tacos.  The fish was so bad I almost lost it!  Oh well you don't always win.

The people at the restaurant/hotel saw this duck land on their property and it had an injured leg.  The gave it water and tortillas and letting it rest until it gets better.  Maybe the iguana is helping with moral support.

Swimming Hole

Swimming Hole
This is a very nice swimming hole that we found while touring the island.  We went back the next day by dinghy and enjoyed it again!  The water is just the right temperature.  We did some snorkling out by the reef (near our boat) but not much to see and the reef doesn't look that healthy unfortunately.

We are heading out tomorrow (Friday) to overnight off the coast of Cancun the sail south to Puerto Morelos.  We hang out there until the next cold front passes and then head south again!

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi
Mike and Kim

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Life in Isla Mujeres

Fish Tacos!
We were able to make it to Cancun Friday and finish our check in process by getting our Temporary Import Permit (TIP).  I thought I had all the documents copied that I needed but NOT...I needed color copies of 2 more documents.  They will not make copies for you so we grabbed a taxi and went to the color copy place.  We really need to work on our Spanish because we had a hard time telling the driver where we needed to go.  Finally we were able to direct him and he charges us 50 pesos (about $4).  We get our copies for veinte ocho pesos ($2.30) and a very nice women taught me how to pronounce veinte (20) properly!

We finish with the copies and flag down a taxi who takes us back to Customs.  Mike hands him 50 pesos and he gives us change.  He only charged us 30 pesos ($2.30) and he took us farther...we were a little upset the other guy ripped us off.  We finish getting the TIP and dash back to catch the ferry on time.  Mike was looking for the taxi driver who ripped us off but the ferry was pulling into the dock.  We didn't stay in Cancun to check it out because the winds were still blowing 20-25 knots and we didn't want to leave the boat for that long.  We will probably stop back in Cancun on our way south.

Windward side of Isla Mujeres
Right now we are just hanging out, checking out the island.  The wind has died down so we are going to explore some beaches and snorkeling spots in the dinghy today, Sunday.  Monday or Tuesday we will rent a scooter and see the rest of the island.

We are very glad that all the paper work is done, this has been the hardest place yet to check in.  It's hard to believe it has been a week since we arrived, although I think we have destroyed a few too many brain cells in all our celebration of the first port..LOL

Windard side of  Isla Mujeres

There is a walkway on the windward side of the island that goes the distance of the town.
Mexican Doggy didn't speak English

This doggy was hanging out in front of one of the houses, we have to remember to speak to the animals in Spanish or they ignore you!

Street view Isla Mujeres

Typical street view of houses, the other part of town with vendors is much different we will get a picture of that, lots of stuff for sale.

Looking towards the anchorage, weather coming!

There was a storm coming and we did get caught in the rain, but we like that!

Cheers for now!  Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


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