Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Burnt Cay, Rio Dulce, Guatamala

Here we sit with a beer in our hand and smiles on our face. It was a great passage! All checked in and ready to enjoy Guatemala. Cheers Kim and MIke

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Back to Guatemala

Tomorrow we sail back to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala for the hurricane season.  We'll post updates when we arrive.

We have lots of pictures to post once we get a good internet connection.

Cheers Kim and Mike

Monday, May 04, 2015

El Bight, Guanaja, Honduras

We finally made it to Guanaja!!!  We thought we had run out of time and weather windows but we made it happen.  The picture below is the El Bight anchorage, Ka'imi is the sailboat to the far right.

El Bight, Guanaja
We explored a little yesterday on the settlement of Bonacca.  It's a cay off the main island of Guanaja that is completely covered with buildings on stilts.  It is pretty amazing.  They are on the cay to avoid the mosquitos on the island.

Bonacca, Guanaja
More pictures later, we need to go check out the dive sites!  Cheers Kim and Mike

Friday, April 24, 2015

West End, Roatan - Road Trip, Jungle Walk and Town

West End, Roatan, anchorage
Still hanging out in West End Harbor, Roatan.  We're still looking for a weather window to sail to Guanja.  We are not complaining the scuba diving is great and there are lots of sites for diving. Luckily the dive shop Roatan Divers held on to the BC (buoyancy compensator) they were selling, and we were able to purchase it.  They are a great dive shop and the owners, Karl and Saaya, are very knowledgeable and helpful!

We decided to skip a day of diving and do a land tour of the Island. We rented a van with our friends Patric and Nicole on s/v Southern Mist, John and Donna on s/v Tried and True, and Alan on s/v Kristiana.  The picture below is a restaurant at the east end of the island, La Sirena.  We drove there and then worked our way back to the West End.  We had some appetizer's and drinks and enjoyed the beautiful coastline.

 La Sirena Restaurant and Bar
The East End beaches were beautiful!

East End Beach
They do not insure rental vehicles here on the if you break it you buy it.  Mike was a little concerned after seeing some of the roads we had to travel and how the locals drive.  He was a bit worried.

What!!! No insurance!
Some of the roads at the East End of the island were very bumpy dirt roads, which was one of the concerns for travelling with no insurance.

East End Road
Mike relaxed a bit when we got back onto paved roads.

Mike a bit more relaxed.
The road trip gang, Alan, Patric, Nicole, Kim, Donna and John at East end.  Mike was taking the picture.

The gang.
Two more  beautiful pictures of the East End beaches.

East End beach.

East End beach.
Marble Hill Farms is an eco-lodge on the East End and they also make their own jellies, jams and sauces so we stopped by to have a taste.  They were all fantastic pretty yummy.  We settled on the Mutton Pepper Jelly which is very spicy and delicious.

Marble Hill Farms

We had a great lunch at Temporary Cal's Cantina.  The food and atmosphere were awesome! Mike and I had the Mahi-Mahi tacos and were not disappointed.

Temporary Cal's Cantina
Our next land trip was a visit to the Mayan Jungle Canopy.  I had thought it was a jungle walk with birds and monkeys, that were not caged, but when we got there we found that all the animals were in cages and it was a very small place.  We do not usually patronize zoos, but took an exception to see these beautiful animals.  They were very well taken care of, but we would prefer them free!  Below is one of the beautiful Macaws.


Donna feeding a banana to a Spider monkey.

Spider Monkey

Nicole being drooled on while this Spider monkey ate watermelon on here head.

Spider Monkey

Mike with a beautiful parrot.

John with one of the Macaws.


Kim with a Spider Monkey and watermelon.  They loved the watermelon.

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey
What the heck lady, you got spit ends and they are bad!

Spider Monkey giving Kim hair tips.
Below is a Kinkajou which are usually nocturnal.


We also ran into our friends Tom and Colleen from s/v Unplugged!

Tom and Colleen s/v Unplugged
This is Woody's Groceries in West End.  It is a not as big as the Eldon's in Coxen Hole, but it is much closer.

Woody's Groceries
Main Street in West End, this was a very slow day there must not have been cruise ships in dock. Usually the streets are packed.

Main Street, West End
West End Divers is a great dive shop.  This is where we get our tanks filled after each dive.  The manager Andy and all the staff are very nice and helpful!  We would highly recommend them if you ever visit the island.

West End Divers
Below is the West End Divers dock where we bring our dinghy to have our tanks filled.  It is super convenient.

West End Divers
One of many street food vendors along Main Street.  You can find very affordable and good food along the street.

Street Food Vendor
You know I had to throw some animal pictures in the post.  The animals here are much healthier than other places.  There are cats in about every shop along the street and dogs ramble freely making friends.


Lastly a view from Temporary Cal's Cantina, pretty amazing!

Temporary Cal's Cantina

Cheers Kim and Mike

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

French Cay Harbor to Jonesville Bight

We are currently back in West End enjoying some diving. We left West End about 4 weeks ago and headed to French Cay Harbor to weather out the next cold front that was coming our way. There was then another stronger cold front coming so we headed to Jonesville Bight which had great protection.  We met Doug and Quelin on s/v Dances with Wind in French Cay Harbor and they had told us about Jonesville Bight so we followed them over there. We spent about 2 weeks in these two ports and then came back to West End. 

First stop French Cay Harbor.  It is a well protected anchorage.  It also has most things you need while cruising, banks, grocery stores, hardware stores marine services, doctors/dentist and much more all within walking distance. There is a great grocery store there called Eldon's, for us it was like a grocery store in the US.  Although you had to be careful about expiration dates and not buy the overpriced items, they had lots of stuff! They carry a lot of vegetarian items so I was a happy camper!!!!  

Little French Cay is pictured below, it is an island in the Harbor that you can visit.  It has beautiful beaches on the other side.  We only went there once briefly before we left.  You can get to it by dinghy, of course, but if you are just visiting the Island they have a boat taxi that takes you there.  

Frenchy's 44 is the restaurant on the mainland that has the boat taxi. They take humans and horses across the waters.  The horses go over there so people can ride them in the water. The horses seemed to be happy and well taken care of.  

Below is the anchorage at French Cay Harbor, the Catamaran in the picture is s/v Adventure, the boat that was in West End with us when the front came through and they took pictures of our boat. They are our Front Finder Friends...LOL.

Sunrise in the anchorage.

Our friends Doug and Quelin on s/v Dances with Wind are pictured below. They showed us around Jonesville Bight and we found all the cool places to go. This is Puky McNab's Sunday BBQ, the food was excellent! 

There are several other bays east of Jonesville Bight and you can get to them by dinghy through passages in the reef.  The houses and businesses are built on stilts.  

Every Friday BJ's Backyard Bar and Grill has local (ex pat) musicians playing music.  They played some great music, our era of rock and roll.  We went there for a few beers and music with Doug and Quelin.  We went back a few days later and no one was there except the owner BJ and John (I think that is his name).  We sat down with them in what they call their living room, which is actually the bar and had a few beers and a nice talk.  They both have lived very interesting lives.

Traveling between the harbors.

Jonesville Bight Marina  is pictured below.  We had happy hour there many times during our stay.  

Our friends Patric and Nicole from s/v Southern Mist came over from West End and waited for the front to pass.  

Jonesville Bight anchorage and out boats Ka'imi, Southern Mist and Dances with Wind.

Below is a one of many Water Taxi's that takes locals and tourists through the harbors.  It is much faster to get around this area by boat because the roads to each town go all the way up a hill, then all the way back down which makes for a long trip.

Another great spot in Jonesville Bight is Hole in the Wall Bar and Grill that we did not get pictures of.  We spent a few happy hours there also.

We finally made our way back to West End and here we sit in this beautiful anchorage surrounded by a reef that makes for great diving and snorkeling.  The pictures below were taken by John and Robin on s/v Calusa.  They saw a double rainbow and our boat just happened to be below them.  The aerial view of the West End anchorage is from an airplane when Robin flew back into Roatan.  

Ka'imi is the 2nd boat from the bottom of the picture, closest to the reef.  Is that not beautiful!! S/v Southern Mist is also in the picture, it is the 5th boat up from us.

Cheers Kim and Mike


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