Saturday, November 26, 2005

Caribbean Thanksgiving

We searched Sint Maarten in the dinghy looking for the perfect new stove for Ka'imi and to cook our Thanksgiving dinner (the traditional Pizza and salad). We finally found the perfect one with 3 burners, a nice oven and a broiler to make toast. After we found the oven we had to search for a store to provision. We found a great one on the French side and stocked up on a few items. It was then time to test it all out and start cooking. The food is excellant here and we love having the time to finally cook it ourselves. Shrimp, rice, cheeses and some great wines from the french side, and the occasional veggie burger. We're going back to french side today to get Mike a great big steak since we got the barbeque up and running.
We're getting ready to repaint the name on the boat to Ka'imi, install the raw water strainer, fix dinghy davits, paint the bottom, replace a few hose and through hull fittings and if we find nothing else, then we'll launch the boat. Cheers from Sint Maarten, Mike and Kim

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Life in Dry Dock

Cheers from Sint Maarten. We're settled onto the boat living in the boat yard. Quit a experience.....but we're loving it!!! Michael had a minor misshap, his foot got infected and swelled up like a balloon. We went to the doc and he gave him some antibiotics, a diuretic and pain pills. All of this for just $35, doc visit $25 and meds $10. At home we would have had to pay twice that plus our insurance premiums. Life is good here. The doc told him to stay off it for 3 days, so we've been taking it easy a bit. We have our new car a 10' dinghy and call her Weedie. With the 15 hp motor she goes's a blast. Since we can't swim in the lagoon we take the dinghy to the ocean about once a day and tie up to a mooring ball so Kim can get her swimming fix. It's so much easier running errands in the dinghy, there's no traffic and just about everything is accessible by water.
At the end of the day we usually kick back in the cockpit for some R&R and check out our view. The boats in the water that you see is where we will anchor after we get out of the boatyard to finish up any odd jobs on the boat. We pick up the stuff we had shipped over here tomorrow so we have to find places aboard to store it. But were looking forward to getting the tools so we can get some major work done (and the air conditioner is sounding pretty good right now :). It's hot, hot here, how's the weather where you are? Everything here is going great, we have met some very nice and interesting people. A local guy, Macklan, has helped us out a couple of times with different projects, he's a great guy. The mosquitos here are crazy...they love Michael - he must taste really good cause they eat him up, they don't bother Kim unless Mike's not around, so wherever Mike goes to sleep, Kim follows :)))
Tomorrow we clean out the water tanks so we can actually drink the water on board. Up to now we've had to buy it. Forgive us for the humdrum updates, we haven't had much of a chance to get out and explore because we want to get the boat into the water as soon as possible. We'll take pics of the interesting things on the island as soon as we get a chance to tour a little more. That's all for now, we wish everyone well. Cheers Mike and Kim

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Move Aboard Day

Today we move aboard Ka'imi, get our dinghy and return the rental car. We spent yesterday cleaning out the boat to make her livable and to free some space for our stuff. We went to the store while we had the car to provision the boat with some necessities. Mike got the tabbing done under the master bed, so we could put the mattress back and have a place to sleep. We forgot to pack some sheets, so today we have to find a place or we'll be sleeping on towels, cause we each have one of those :)...... We put some stuff aboard and then had a great dinner aboard Ka'imi last night. This update will be the last for awhile. We don't have internet access anymore so we will have to go to the internet cafes to update. Isn't it great that life can be such an adventure. Until next time, Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sint Maarten Pics

Here's a link to some of our photos. We will add photos of Sint Maarten to this link as we have access.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

We worked until 12:00 noon today and then decided we needed a break. Why.......because we can :) We closed up Ka'imi went to lunch, then headed for the beach. It was a beautiful day as always.

A storm came in so we headed to the hotel, dried off then went to Ka'imi for dinner and cocktails. Life's good here in Sint Maarten.....Cheers Mike and Kim


Good morning all, we haven't been able to receive any email since yesterday, something about the email server here so we can't check it. We still have internet access though and can update the site. Ka'imi is sitting pretty in the boat yard, we have a great view. Got lots of work done yesterday. Kim rewired the water pumps, hooked up the manuel water foot pump and removed the salt water faucet that needs replacing and Mike worked on reglassing some loose tabbing in the aft cabin, hooked up the wind generator and helped Kim:). We found out there is a shortage of new dinghies on the island so might have to buy a used one or wait a month for the new. Our rented car goes back on the 16th so we need a ride!!!
We're starting to be a bit more conservative on our meals. We just bought the mega size Peanut Butter and Jelly jars, so that's lunch for awhile. Mike doesn't mind. We went to Philipsburg yesterday to try to track down a dinghy and went through the middle of town after the cruise ship came in. We had to wade through the people (locals and tourists) in our car, but we had a great time people watching. That's all for now and you still can't slap the smiles from our faces. Cheers Mike and Kim

Friday, November 11, 2005

Sint Maarten

We're here. This pic is after a 13 hour red eye flight. We arrived, checked into our hotel, rented a car and headed to Shrimpy's for some grilled garlic shrimp and beer. We also met Bill who had lots of advice, and another guy who cooked at Shrimpy's after we told him what the cab driver told us. He recommended we don't listen to the to the cab drivers. The rain was coming down when we got there and continued throughout the day. It was GREAT. After our meal we headed out to see Ka'imi and it was hard to pull us away from her, but we hadn't had any sleep since we left and needed some good zzz's. We were up this morning and worked all day. Today was St. Maarten day and all the stores were closed, but we found a gas station open and bought some water and beer.

We have a really inexpensive Hotel room, just the basics but it has an ocean view. We are just a block from the ocean beach and on the other side a block from Simpson Bay Beach (in the lagoon). Here's a pic of our view. We've noticed that this is the place that the locals come to after the bars close......hmmmm. The hotel overlooks some neighborhood houses and we can watch the locals go to work and enjoy the fact that we don't have to!

Here's us after the second day of work, Mike's brother Steve (a wine connoisseur) would love the beer here it's as big as wine bottles. We have an internet connection here at the hotel, so we will take advantage of it while we're here. When we leave the hotel the updates will be far less frequent so we'll get in as many as we can.

We're off to the boat, we have a long list of to do's today. Our first priority is to make the boat livable since we'll be moving aboard in just a couple of days. All is well with us and we hope the same for you.

Cheers for now Mike and Kim

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bon Voyage USA

We said goodbye to Mike's family at the family reunion in Tahoe and we're currently in Southern California saying goodbye to Kim's family.  Now that all the work is done, we're relaxing and the excitement has finally hit us....we are on our way TOMORROW.  Our focus now is soley on the boat.  We won't update again until we have something interesting to tell you.  We will be in the boat yard for about 3-4 weeks getting Ka'imi ready for the first shakedown cruise.    Cheers Mike and Kim

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