Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kim's Birthday

Kim's Birthday now we are both a year older and only have 56 more days until our last day of work. We moved the date forward a little, to October 19th instead of the 21st so time is short, but again nobody here is complaining. Kim's sister Linda and her husband Tom came to help this weekend for the Gargage Sale which was a success - but we didn't get rid of everything so we may have one more. That's all for now,

Mike and Kim.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mike's Birthday

Today is Mike's Birthday, happy birthday Mike. Kim has given her notice at work, so both Mike and Kim's last day on the job is October 21, 2005! We will be heading to Sint Maarten the first week in November....lots of stuff to do still. Finish painting the inside of the duplex, the big garage sale (that's this weekend), travel arrangements, shipping our stuff to Sint Maarten, the copper pipe job, aye carumba the list is long, but no one here is complaining. Until next time...Mike and Kim

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