Monday, April 14, 2008

Oahu, Hawaii



We are still here in Hawaii. We returned to the docks with engine problems on February 29, 2008 at approximately 12:00 noon. The picture on the right is the view from the mast of Sugarcane and the one on the left was taken as we left Honolulu on February 20, 2008.

We were out approximately 652 miles from Honolulu when we turned around. As we wrote in our last post, the Port engine had a major oil leak and a coolant leak and the Starboard engine has a nasty salt water leak (see pic to the right). The total trip was ten days. On the ninth day the starboard engine died because of clogged fuel filters (note the sediment in the Rancor filters in the pic to the left, it was so thick that it could not be drained off). Mike had noticed the sediment was building in the filters, however the owner said it was normal for his boat and wouldn't be a problem. So we had to wait until the engine stalled to change the filters. The fuel tanks have never been flushed. The return trip was a bit uncomfortable at the end as we were motoring into winds of 20-23 knots and choppy seas, neither Mike or I slept the last night. We started the port engine right before we came into the harbor because the fuel was so dirty we were afraid we might loose the starboard engine.

We did manage to catch a nice Dorado while out, he was very tasty. (Click here for video of the catch.) We were pestered the whole time we were out by booby birds. This one stayed on the bow the majority of the time which was fine, but one day he left and brought his friends back and they proceeded to land everywhere, even on top of the wind indicator which was twisted by the large bird. They also stayed with us through the squall that damaged to Genoa sail. They were hanging on for dear life, Mike couldn't even shoo them off the bow when he was checking out the Genoa damage.

We docked on X dock and had an ice cold beer or two or six. Mike repaired the sump pump which had burned out three days prior so we could take a shower and then we went our for dinner at the was fantastic! Then we went back to the boat and slept until 12:00 noon the next day, we were beat!!

Bill the other crew member left, returning to Ohio. Mike and I stayed to do repairs along with Dave who is here in Hawaii. The owner of Sugarcane decided he was going to go to California and Mexico instead of trying to make it to the Marshalls and Philippines this season. Mike and I decided we needed to get back to Ka'imi, our boat, but offered to stay and help with repairs and watch the boat while the owner went back to Georgia for business. We will stay until May 1st, then head out of here.

So far the fuel tanks have been opened and cleaned, the port engine has been repaired, the starboard engine salt water pump has been repaired the 13k generator had been repaired, the Genoa fixed, the cockpit enclosure repaired, two solar panels added, a wind generator added, and a whole list of other stuff.

We have been enjoying Honolulu and Waikiki on our days off, which isn't so bad. Here are a few pics.....

These sculptured statues are all over Honolulu and Waikiki. This one was in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The bird in the fountain is also taken there.

We rented mopeds one Sunday and checked out a bit of the island. The pic to the left is from our hike up Diamond head. You can see Waikiki beaches and the Ala Wai Harbor in the background which is where the boat Sugarcane is docked.
These pictures are from a roadside view. We went as far as Hanauma Bay, which is beautiful, but unfortunately did not get any pictures.

Mike's sister-in-law Janine and his niece Stephanie were in Hawaii for a few days and we got to spend a little time with them. The picture is in front the Shorebird where we had lunch.

We hope everyone is doing well!!! Aloha Mike and Kim

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