Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heading to the Florida Keys

We are off again! We've changed our plans and are setting course for the the Florida Keys. We will be looking for our weather window the first of December and will go to sea for approximately 5 days. We will go in at Miami and cruise down through the Keys, ending up at Marathon. We plan to hook up to one of the moorings in Boot Key Harbor.

We are currently docked at Bohicket Marina, Johns Island, SC. It is a resort area and not many jobs available. It is out of season and of course the economy as it is is making it worse. We are going to try our luck in the Keys, at least it will be warm :)

We will keep you posted, Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

Friday, November 07, 2008

Myrtle Beach to Bohicket Marina, Johns Island, SC


We left Myrtle Beach on June 23, 2008 at 7:30 AM and headed south to Bohicket Marina, Johns Island, SC. The first part of the trip was the same as our trip up here, we again overnighted at
our favorite anchorage Bull Creek. Our alligator buddies were still there and the night was alive with creatures again. We left first thing in the morning following our same path to the Wynah Inlet. We did not go to sea this time, we stayed in the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) so we had new territory to cover. This section of the ICW was not very enjoyable as it was extremely shallow in
some parts and crab pots everywhere, even in the channels. We finally anchored in Duck Creek after attempts in two other creeks where we found the crab pots to be too many. From Duck Creek we went to Dewees Creek to anchor and along the way we saw lots and lots of alligators on the shore in the middle of the day. They lined the shores at some places, and the waters here were very shallow. We stayed alert and went very, very slow in some sections. Dewees Creek was a nice anchorage very close to to the ocean and the Isle of Palms area. Our next anchorage was Church Creek where we overnighted before our final journey to Bohicket Marina.

We traveled past downtown Charleston.

An old steamboat along the way.

Fourth of July we spent on the beach here at Edisto Island.

Cheers for now, Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


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