Sunday, February 19, 2006

St. Barts

Hello all,were here in St. Barts arrived Saturday overnighted in Corossol next to Gustavia, checked in then Sunday we went to Ile Fourche and Island off St. Barts with nothing on it, were here tonight and all is good, don't know where we'll be tomorrow but we'll update with pics when we get to an inhabited island with an internet hookup...maybe....cheers Mike and Kim

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Anguilla to Marigot Bay

First off HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my (Kim's) sister-in-law Sheri... Sorry I couldn't call....We've been here in Marigot Bay, the French side of St. Martin for about a week. We've been doing some minor repairs and taking care of Kim's toe before we head out for St. Barts. We got the water maker (knock on wood) running and producing quality water now, so that is going to be a big time saver - no more water runs with jugs or going to the dock in Ka'imi for water :)) It's great were making our own water from sea water, and it could run on just the wind generator on windy days, which makes Ka'imi pretty much self sustaining!! The first picture is of Sandy Island, a little island off Anguilla - not much there, just sand and a palm tree - cool. The second picture is the view from our boat one morning, rainbows are quiet common and this one was just incredible, you can't really capture it on film. We watched it while drinking our coffee and considering how damn lucky we are. The rest of that morning we watched the little bait fish hanging around the boat. There are flying fish in the Bay too, we see them in front of us when were riding in the dinghy.

We took a walk up to Fort Louis an old fort here in Marigot. It was very picturesque at the top, not much left of the Fort but the views were incredible. It was Sunday and on the Islands Sundays are very quiet days. Not much is open and most of the locals are taking the day off at the beach or at their homes. There just very mellow days, with little or no tourists around. So it was very deserted when we went to the fort and you have to walk up back alleys and through a graveyard and peoples back yards. On our way down, we saw a local guy running up towards us. Mike was looking through this deserted building and Kim was a little way past that looking at another building. The guys runs past Kim and stops at a locked gate right before Mike. Mike came down to Kim and we started walking while watching the guy (he looked slightly strung out). He disappeared for awhile then got behind us and as we got to the street he ran past us. When he was in front of us on the sidewalk he pulls out the 8-10" blade kitchen knife from the inside of the back of his pants and puts it in his back pocket (big back pockets), then takes his shirt off and wraps it around his waist and went walking on.....we just stood there wondering if we hadn't just almost been mugged????? Makes you wonder and be a little more cautious...

Besides that we are doing great, were waiting for a weather window to go to St. Barts. Kim's foot will be just like new in four months--in the meanwhile she is being careful not to stub it and she can go swimming in one more day :)))) Here's a picture of it after the doctor looked at it and zapped a hole it in to release the pressure, with the weapon a solid stainless steel wench handle - it's heavy. If you have a weak stomach stop now and don't scroll down to the picture. She crushed it on the sail back from Anguilla, the seas and winds were high and she was using the wench (with a non locking wench handle) to tighten the reef line in the main when the wench handle came out of the wench and a wave hit the side of the boat throwing her off balance and - SLAM - with all her might on the end of her poor little toe :(( after that lots of @#$##@#$$%^%$##)*&^&* and MIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... The toenails gone now and she is on the heal.
Cheers for now
Mike and Kim

Happy Valentines Day....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Change of Plans

We are currently in french st martin ..the weather changed in route to st barths and kims big toe had a fight with the wench handle while reefing the main - the wench handle won!!!! shes fine we,ll head to st barths when weather permits. on a french keyboard - so typing is a challenge---cheers mike & kim

Saturday, February 04, 2006


We made it to Anguilla!!!! We checked out of the French side of St. Marten on Tuesday, very little hassle. It was great we just filled out papers, got stamped and all for free, they were veryWe made it to Anguilla!!!! We checked out of the French side of St. Marten on Tuesday, with nice. We left St. Martin at 8:15 am on Wednesday, took a sail up the coast and stopped for lunch at a little cove on the french side of St. Martin. We then headed over to Anguilla, arriving about 3:30 PM. The check in here in Anguilla was also very easy, a few more papers to fill out, but everybody was very friendly. The sail over here was great, the winds were 5-10 knots and 4-6 ft swells. We averaged about 6 knots. The people here in Anguilla a very friendly and the Island is beautiful. Our first day we kinda took it easy, checked out the beach, had lunch at Roy's and met a cat named Tigger. Then of course swimming, right off the boat :). Our second day we took a little tour on our bikes, we thought the Island was going to be flat, but there were a couple of hills -- eek -- very hot. We had a blast and saw a lot of the island. We are waiting for a weather window and then we will head to St. Barths. Maybe Monday...we aren't sure. If the forecast we have stays the same we'll take the route at the bottom of the page.

We're doing GREAT, and hope all you at home are too. We are still working on getting our sailmail going, the SSB Radio is a little difficult, if there are any pros out there, send us an email, we NEED your help!!

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