Sunday, November 13, 2005


Good morning all, we haven't been able to receive any email since yesterday, something about the email server here so we can't check it. We still have internet access though and can update the site. Ka'imi is sitting pretty in the boat yard, we have a great view. Got lots of work done yesterday. Kim rewired the water pumps, hooked up the manuel water foot pump and removed the salt water faucet that needs replacing and Mike worked on reglassing some loose tabbing in the aft cabin, hooked up the wind generator and helped Kim:). We found out there is a shortage of new dinghies on the island so might have to buy a used one or wait a month for the new. Our rented car goes back on the 16th so we need a ride!!!
We're starting to be a bit more conservative on our meals. We just bought the mega size Peanut Butter and Jelly jars, so that's lunch for awhile. Mike doesn't mind. We went to Philipsburg yesterday to try to track down a dinghy and went through the middle of town after the cruise ship came in. We had to wade through the people (locals and tourists) in our car, but we had a great time people watching. That's all for now and you still can't slap the smiles from our faces. Cheers Mike and Kim

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