Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Move Aboard Day

Today we move aboard Ka'imi, get our dinghy and return the rental car. We spent yesterday cleaning out the boat to make her livable and to free some space for our stuff. We went to the store while we had the car to provision the boat with some necessities. Mike got the tabbing done under the master bed, so we could put the mattress back and have a place to sleep. We forgot to pack some sheets, so today we have to find a place or we'll be sleeping on towels, cause we each have one of those :)...... We put some stuff aboard and then had a great dinner aboard Ka'imi last night. This update will be the last for awhile. We don't have internet access anymore so we will have to go to the internet cafes to update. Isn't it great that life can be such an adventure. Until next time, Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi.

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