Friday, November 11, 2005

Sint Maarten

We're here. This pic is after a 13 hour red eye flight. We arrived, checked into our hotel, rented a car and headed to Shrimpy's for some grilled garlic shrimp and beer. We also met Bill who had lots of advice, and another guy who cooked at Shrimpy's after we told him what the cab driver told us. He recommended we don't listen to the to the cab drivers. The rain was coming down when we got there and continued throughout the day. It was GREAT. After our meal we headed out to see Ka'imi and it was hard to pull us away from her, but we hadn't had any sleep since we left and needed some good zzz's. We were up this morning and worked all day. Today was St. Maarten day and all the stores were closed, but we found a gas station open and bought some water and beer.

We have a really inexpensive Hotel room, just the basics but it has an ocean view. We are just a block from the ocean beach and on the other side a block from Simpson Bay Beach (in the lagoon). Here's a pic of our view. We've noticed that this is the place that the locals come to after the bars close......hmmmm. The hotel overlooks some neighborhood houses and we can watch the locals go to work and enjoy the fact that we don't have to!

Here's us after the second day of work, Mike's brother Steve (a wine connoisseur) would love the beer here it's as big as wine bottles. We have an internet connection here at the hotel, so we will take advantage of it while we're here. When we leave the hotel the updates will be far less frequent so we'll get in as many as we can.

We're off to the boat, we have a long list of to do's today. Our first priority is to make the boat livable since we'll be moving aboard in just a couple of days. All is well with us and we hope the same for you.

Cheers for now Mike and Kim

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