Sunday, December 04, 2005

Still Working

Hello all we're doing fine and moving right along. Mike is back on his feet, his foot infection has completely healed and he is doing great. We've had a diesel mechanic out here working on the engine to make sure she is in good condition when we take off. The mechanic is an old salt named Ray Longbottom and he is the greatest guy, he's been at sea since he was young and has stories to tell. He also knows everything there is to know about diesel engines and been quite willing to share the info with us. He is one of the good people that we have enjoyed meeting. His assistant Soie was also very kind, on the day our shipment was to arrive, he left us his cell phone so we could keep in contact with the port and the guy who was to deliver. We didn't even have to ask, he heard Kim having trouble using her cell phone and just offered. He left it overnight too......speaking of our shipment everything has arrived.
We spent a couple days sorting through it and putting it away. What didn't fit we figured we didn't need. We traded all the stuff we were going to toss to Willie, a local guy who works in the boatyard, for helping us with a few projects. One of which was taking down the rigging. The surveryor had told us we needed new rigging for the mizzen mast, but we've also decided to do it for the main mast since it is already 6 years old and we want to be safe rather than sorry.
We're still in the boat yard working on various projects. We've accomplished quite a bit but won't go into all of them. Mike has updated our propane tank system and we have gas to the barbeque and the new stove inside (by the way the new stove works awesome). We've also installed a new faucet on the sink, which makes doing the dishes a lot easier. We haven't had much time for play as were trying to get out of the boat yard as soon as possible. But we look forward to sharing the more exciting parts of living in the Caribbean soon, until then we wish everyone well, and we must get back to work!
Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi :)

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