Thursday, December 29, 2005


FINALLY - all the standing rigging replaced and we splashed the boat. Captain Mike expertly steered Ka'imi through very narrow channels to the FKG riggers where we had the new roller furling installed and then spent the night on their docks. It was great to finally be in the water, and our biggest joy was being able to use our own bathrooms and not walk through dirt and fiberglass city to relieve yourself and take a cold shower in muratic acid rinsed showers.......they don't know what Drano is here they use Muratic acid to clear the drains - however - that doesn't work so you end up with really white feet.

The next day we left FKG's dock and Captain Mike took us back through the narrow channels and we finally anchored in the lagoon at the Witches tit. We got the Main Sail and shade cover on then spent a very relaxing evening enjoying our new home, playing backgammon and realizing what a great life we have!!!!!! The only problem we had at FKG was when they asked for the sheets to finish installing the Genoa Sail....Mike looked at Kim very puzzled - that was a big mistake, cause Kim had the deer in the headlights look. Finally after a couple of uhs - Mike finally asked what a sheet was, just before Kim was about to grab the bedsheets. Their lines - the ones you use on the sails - need to read up on our terminology I guess....
Captain Mike in the dinghy checked out the snubber line and took a couple of pictures of Ka'imi finally settled in. The last pic is a view from our cockpit. We are doing very well, taking a couple of days off to relax, though we still have to run errands. Then we'll start working on things above the water line, and in a couple weeks take off for our first shakedown cruise, most likely Anguilla. We're looking forward to New Years and maybe we can even stay up till midnight this year on New Years Eve - since were sooo relaxed. Till the next time - Happy New Year to you, cheers from Ka'imi

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  1. Congrates to the Splash!!!!Mike & Kim;Hope you two have a great new year.



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