Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Good Life

Just a quick update..we have wireless connection now, but the connection is slow and unreliable where we are (it's free access at Shrimpy's so we can't complain :) We are now on a mooring. It belongs to someone we met in the boatyard, and they are not ready to go in the water yet, so we traded our air conditioner for it's use till we leave. It's really nice, we have a great view. We are almost there, just a few more projects and we can head out the bridge and start our first cruise. Till later, Mike and Kim


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Mike and Kim

    Hi! Its Rick just a quick note to say Hello and I'm glad things are going well for you guys!!! Although it had to be some what embarrassing when the word sheet came up to you? I have done that a few times with friends names. Its called old age... Take Care Rick

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Way to go guys !! all good in Campbell, we're happy for you, it's raining....Bev & Paul

  3. Thanks Rick, we hadn't thought of the old thing....wait till you visit and we put you to work, you'll know the old thing then :)

    Paul and Bev, thanks for checking in, hows your Tabbie, tell her Mike and Kim said hi. Is she sleeping spread eagle yet? We have a project for Paul but we're just trying to get out of the lagoon before we start it.

    Love getting comments on our sight, we are having difficulties connecting for any period of time...but that's Island life and we are dealing with it very well.

    Keep the comments coming all. Cheers Mike and Kim

  4. Anonymous11:55 AM

    How's the toe coming - couldn't get pictures on last note still trying love ya



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