Saturday, December 17, 2005

Merry Christmas from the Caribbean

Merry Christmas
Well, were still in the boat yard, but at least the Captain has had a cup of coffee. The good news is we are set to go in the water this Thursday, the 22nd, so by Christmas we should be anchored off in the lagoon. We have made friends in the boat yard, and have a wide variety of animals here. This is our neighbor cat. There are many other cats and dogs wandering around, so we have lots of company. We've completed alot of projects and are waiting on the completion of the rest. The dinghy davits are repaired, we've bleeded the fuel from our new tanks to the engine, we've sanded the bottom and will put the first coat of bottom paint on Tuesday, we will get the rest of rigging to the riggers on Monday so the new rigging and new roller furler will be ready to go on Friday morning. They are putting us in the water on Thursday, and will leave us in the bay overnight so we can get the motor going alright. We have been working from dawn to dusk, so we decided to pay a local kid to polish the hull, wish we'd thought of this before :) he's only charging $100 to do the whole thing. We could of saved some achy muscles on the boat bottom sanding if we'd known it would be this cheap.We are still waiting on the guy who manufactured our fuel tanks to finish some stuff for us. He also has to come out and fix the batteries. When we load tested the batteries we found out that when they replaced the tank and put the batteries back in they did it all backwards, this explains why our battery voltage wasn't reading right.Happy Birthday to Kristopher (he's the one on the left), Kim's son, he turned 27 on December 14th!!! He's still living in Hawaii, and Kim misses him alot. Happy Birthday Baby!!!
All our love to our family and friends and we wish you a very Merry Christmas. The next time we write, we will probably, officially be boat people :)

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