Friday, February 05, 2016

River Life, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

We were supposed to get off the dock this morning and do some sailing and exploring for a month in Lago Izabal and the Rio Dulce, but the weather is gray and rainy so we will depart manana when the weather should be better.  This will give me time to update the web, I have gotten very far behind!   

When we returned to the Rio Dulce in May of 2015 we began our journey up the River with a stay at Cayo Quemado, also known as Texan Bay or Burnt Cay.  We took some time to explore in our dinghy the different river tributaries and caught a glimpse of local life.  

Some of rivers go back a few miles.  You will see jungle, howler monkeys, livestock and houses.

The houses you see along the river are very diverse.  The can be cement or wood, huge or small.

All the houses seem to have a guard dog of some kind, this one really wanted to come see us!

Everyone down river travels by boat of some kind.  There are no roads leading to a lot of the villages along the river.

The video below is in Burnt Cay, the little girls were selling bananas but did not want their picture taken, so Mike stopped filming.

Cheers Mike and Kim


  1. Great river pics ! Your not helping with us missing Sea Sister ! Hope to see you soon ! P.S. You will not believe what we are checking into right now! hint... where we all were at the same time last May...

  2. Hmm let me think...Roatan???? LOL, have some Salva Vida's for us! Cheers

  3. yeppers that was hard huh lol. e mailing details



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