Friday, February 05, 2016

San Felipe

Well the eating, drinking and lounging by the sea in Roatan and Guanaja took it's toll on our waistlines.  Mike and I decided it was time to take a few pounds off by changing our eating habits and also walking 5 miles a day, 6 days a week!  We have two walks, one to San Felipe and one to the town of Fronteres.  These pictures are our walk to San Felipe.  

We start our walk out of the marina and through the jungle on the bridge that takes us to the street.  The path is beautiful!


The next part of the walk is on the dirt road that leads out to the main street.

Here we are on the road to San Felipe, where the Castillo San Felipe is located.

This is a view of the bridge that crosses over the Rio Dulce from the town of San Felipe.

There is a road that circles around the town and a few roads that cross over.

There are also roads that go down to the lake.

We call this house the castle, it's for sale if you're interested.  A dog lives here that barks like crazy every time we pass and scares me!  He is on a leash, but he comes running down to the fence.  A few times he has been off his leash but can't get over the fence, thank goodness.

These are pictures of some of the houses in the town of San Felipe.

Not so sure about the foundation of this house??

Just two of the many tiendas (stores) in San Felipe.

We go up this road, circle the town and come out here to return to Tortugal.  These kids live in the house on this corner.  The little girl was not happy because her sister would not let her come along with her.

Here is their house.

The local playground.

Some pictures of the main road in San Felipe.

The road back home to Tortugal.  In the picture below is Ruby. She works in San Felipe for a gringo.  She walks the dog every morning when she gets to work.

The next two pictures are of a house along the road.  The people here are very nice, we think they sell firewood.  We wish our Spanish was better so we could communicate more.

Interesting contrast of houses, the house below is right next to the house above.

Next to the house above is the Auto Hotel.  There are numerous Auto Hotels throughout Guatemala, and I am sure central america. It is a place which you can bring your date, drive into the garage so as not to be seen and have access to your hotel room.

This house belongs to a family with 5 children, who happily wave to us every morning as we walk by their house.  We occasionally bring them a bag of candy and they get so excited!

Finally, a picture of a dead tarantula on the streets of San Felipe. I have not seen a live one, and hope I never will!

Cheers Kim and Mike


  1. Cool pics :) we saw a tarantula, dead and
    it was way larger than any spider should be on the sidewalk by the meat place by of those things that makes you go hmmm,and yet we still bump around the jungle without a second thought..;)Cheers ! Hope to see you soon !

  2. LOL ..I am certainly glad I have not seen a live one, I would probably have a heart attack! Cheers

  3. There are far more scarier things in the jungle... like oh say...the ant leaf carriers for

  4. There are far more scarier things in the jungle... like oh say...the ant leaf carriers for



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