Friday, February 05, 2016

Fronteres, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Here are some pictures of our walk to the town of Fronteres from Tortugal Marina.  We usually take this walk early on Saturday morning when the fresh produce comes.  It is the only day to get mushrooms from one of the tiendas, and you have to get there early.

You can see how early it is coming into town, the streets are vacant and the stores are closed.

This is a view of Tienda Reed's from the bridge.  We do a lot of business at this store.

A view of Tortugal Marina from the bridge.  Ka'imi is the 3rd boat from the right.

Coming back over the bridge.

A view of Shell Bay, atop the bridge.

Hotel Backpackers, run by Casa Guatemala, the orphanage on the river.  

Returning to Fronteres, over the bridge.  It is a little later and the traffic is already picking up!

Mike passing one of the many vegetable vendors on the main street.

One of my favorite things to get in town are the fresh made corn tortillas.  There are many vendors selling them as they are a staple for every meal in Guatemala.  They are delicious!

There is a row of street food vendors selling everything from fish to boiled eggs.  We like the chuchitos, which are actually what we call tamales.

Chuchito's and egg for breakfast, yumm!  Mike's is chicken and mine is chipilin.

Cheers Kim and Mike


  1. yum we want chuchitos next time we have dinner at your boat...meat for the men and beans for the women.Think Mike and Chris need to 'create' that meal lol! Might need a lot of salva vida.. oops wrong country lol

  2. ooooh some Salva Vida would be NICE!

  3. hmmm oh think so will be on Roatan next Thursday....

  4. Umm and "some" like enough to make a trip to a recycling center when it's all said and done.. lol

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.



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