Tuesday, November 10, 2015

West End, Roatan to Rio Dulce, Guatemala

We are currently at Tortugal Marina finishing up our projects.  We replaced the back deck, removed the teak and added fiberglass panels, and the ceiling panels inside Ka'imi.  We are enjoying the atmosphere at Tortugal after a disquieting summer.  Our friends are returning and the projects are winding down.  My (Kim's) sister will be arriving in a week so it's time to relax.  I finally have time to update the blog, so we'll go back to Roatan and start from there!

After leaving Guanaja we set sail for Roatan.  We made an overnight stop at French Harbor to do some grocery shopping then headed back to West End for some more diving! One of our favorite restaurants is Bite on the Beach.  It is a long walk down the beach from West End Beach to West Bay Beach, well worth the walk.

My favorite was the white sea bass tacos with coleslaw, beans and rice!  Mike had a cheeseburger and fries and they both went perfectly with our favorite beer Salva Vida, which means Life Saver in Spanish..LOL

The view from the restaurant toward West Bay.

The view from the restaurant toward West End.

West Bay

Our friends Deborah and Chris from Sea Sister flew to Roatan and stayed in this really nice, air conditioned apartment right next to Bite on the Beach restaurant.  We had fun hanging out, and a drank a few (hundred) beers..LOL

In West End anchorage you are required to moor on a mooring ball if any are available.  They did not maintain the mooring balls this season so each cruiser usually went down and added there own lines and safety lines.  We added several. Unfortunately, the Boat below, had it's mooring line snap in the middle of a rainy night.  It passed right between us and another boat and went aground on the reef.  We were awoken by the calls on the VHF radio and quickly got out of bed and dressed.  We lowered our dinghy to help along with other cruisers, but after a few attempts she went back aground. The Marine Park was called and tried to get her off but they went aground.  Rescue was also called but said it was too dangerous to go out and they would come out at first light.  It was a tragic accident and the boat sank by morning.  The only bright light in this is the couple did have insurance.

They put balloon sacks under the boat and towed her to shore.

Back on the Rio, we figured we would have some fun before we began our many projects.  Donna and John from Tried and True joined us for some bowling in Fronteras.  It is a small bowling alley, Hoodee's Boliche Bowling, owned by an American expat. There were two lanes, cold beer and a lot of fun!

The Marina Staff are always ready to help you..LOL..this is Angel having a little fun with his pressure washer gun!  

Ricardo, also Marina Staff.   The entire staff at Tortugal are friendly, helpful and very nice!

Oscar working on our back deck.  We will show completed pictures of this in another post.  It looks great!



  1. Yay !! New pictures on the Ka'imi blog! Ha we're one to talk LOL!and yes have evidence of those few hundred beers!
    Cheers and hope to see you soon !!

  2. I thought you got rid of the evidence??? LOL :)

  3. Recycled yes. But there are still pictures...;)



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