Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Island of Isla Mujeres

Windward side of Isla Mujeres
Playing on the beach
 We rented a golf cart on Monday and toured the island.  We went around several times as it is not that big!  There is not much to see in the way of history and the island is so busy with tourist it almost reminds me of Tijuana.  We found some beautiful spots though and had a really fun day.

Mexican Iguana

The iguanas here do not look like the ones in Florida, they are missing the crown.

Restaurant on the Leeward Side of the Island

Wounded Duck

We stopped and had lunch at this restaurant/hotel on the leeward side of the island.  I had shrimp tostados and Mike had chicken tostados...what we got is 4 chips with a piece of shrimp or meat on it and some guacamole...LOL...I left hungry!  Afterwards we went to a street vendor and got some fish tacos.  The fish was so bad I almost lost it!  Oh well you don't always win.

The people at the restaurant/hotel saw this duck land on their property and it had an injured leg.  The gave it water and tortillas and letting it rest until it gets better.  Maybe the iguana is helping with moral support.

Swimming Hole

Swimming Hole
This is a very nice swimming hole that we found while touring the island.  We went back the next day by dinghy and enjoyed it again!  The water is just the right temperature.  We did some snorkling out by the reef (near our boat) but not much to see and the reef doesn't look that healthy unfortunately.

We are heading out tomorrow (Friday) to overnight off the coast of Cancun the sail south to Puerto Morelos.  We hang out there until the next cold front passes and then head south again!

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi
Mike and Kim

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