Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter in Belize

Yaaa we made it! We arrived yesterday after a 52 hour sail. It was somewhat bumpy but smoothed out to some beautiful wind and seas the last part of the journey. We came through the reef at San Pedro, Belize yesterday but since officials will not be working until Tuesday we came over to Cay Caulker to rest up in some beautiful waters. We can't really go ashore because we are quarantined until we check in. We had a good sleep last night, no rolly polly, until Mike woke me up and said it was my watch. Ha Ha real funny Mike :).

We will go over to San Pedro Tuesday morning and get the paperwork stuff done and get us some fresh fruits and vegetables. Not sure where we go from here there are lots of islands in Belize and they are all behind a reef, so we will have easy day sails as we hop around. Some friends of ours sailed into the Harbor yesterday afternoon Tom and Colleen on s/v Unplugged. We hope to go scuba diving with them after we get checked in.

We are living at this Latitude and Longitude for the moment N 17.44.780 W 088.02.022. I realized the next day that my last post only had our latitude and longitude, no wind direction, speed or course heading, I must of been in a hurry, it wouldn't of done us much good if we needed help. We have lots of beautiful pics but absolutely no internet so that will have to wait.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, love to all our family.

Cheers Mike and Kim

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