Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Colson Cays, Belize

We have left Middle Long Cay our 3 mile long mangrove island and have anchored in the Colson Cays a collection of 5 mangrove islands still giving us good protection from the predicated strong S-SE winds that should of hit Sunday - Wednesday. So far the winds have not been bad so we decided to move south in search of coral, palm trees and beaches. Our stay at Middle Long Cay was very sedate, the highlights of our day yesterday was a swim off the boat to clean the prop, of course Kim strayed :)..I have to keep a watch out for sharks I keep telling Mike..he isn't buying it. Oh well, I returned to check on him and seeing he was doing okay and no sharks around I started to swim away when I found something attached to my upper left arm. I tried to pull it off and it was like attached, finally I get it off and it starts swimming towards me. I screamed!! Zombie miniature flesh eating crabs! Mike looks up with a WTF look...what is it he says. I tell him it's a flesh eating crab and he tells me he had one on him too, guess who was the first one to the swim ladder...Mike of course. We get out of the water and since we are all alone in this anchorage our big highlight was showering naked on deck. As I was showering we notice the 5 foot resident barracuda coming to visit. The boat turned a bit and blocked the wind and Mike looked down and saw a crystal clear image of the Barracuda staring at him and baring his teeth. Mike asked me later, how come you are not afraid of sharks but you can't handle a 1/4 inch crab hanging on to your flesh. I told him I'm afraid of spiders too :)

We are not sure what is going on but for the past 3 days there has been a heavy smoke covering the area from Honduras to the top of the Yucatan Peninsula. This morning and today it has been really bad, the visibility is 1 - 1.5 miles and my throat hurts and eyes burn. If anybody knows what is going on we would love to know we don't have much news information out here. We think that it is probably coming from the Honduras coast as the winds have been E-SE which would make it originate from that area, we are on the outer reef at about the central part of Belize.

So far Colson Cays are nice but it is just ugly out, depending on the weather we will head to Tobacco Cay tomorrow which is where we will find our coral, palm trees and beaches. Tobacco Cay sits right on top of the outer reef. We will continue south to South Water Cay and then turn right and start heading to Placencia to stock up on provisions and check out of the country. We will make a stop between here and Placencia at Pelican Cays to see what is there. I heard, from my friend Juuuulie, that there is a couple from the Marathon area that bought an island there and opened a restaurant so we will see if we can find them. When we check out of Placencia we may head down to Sapodilla Cay area until we make a run to the Rio Dulce entrance at Livingston, Guatemala where we will head up the river to El Tortugal Marina for hurricane season.

There is only one other boat in the anchorage and they are about a mile away, so our journey south has been very quiet.

Cheers Mike and Kim

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