Monday, April 07, 2014

El Cid Marina, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Hanging out in El Cid Marina while this next cold front comes through.  The harbor is currently closed so no boats in or out.  This Marina is really well protected and we feel good being here.  We will take a picture of the anchorage we were going to stay in and post it later.  We will be here for about a week.  We have full use of the hotels pool, hot tub and beach and it's really a nice place :).  Ka'imi is safe and we are relaxing.

We walked about 2 miles into town yesterday and found it to be friendly and quiet.  It's a small resort and fishing town.  It was Sunday yesterday and the port was closed so we saw a lot of fishermen and their families hanging out at the beach and swimming.  We ate at a local restaurant and each had two shrimp tacos with an incredible delicious sauce and a bucket of 5 beers mue bueno!  The waitress was really nice and working on her English.  I (Kim) was working on my Spanish, but she had such a look of bewilderment on her face that we just laughed.  I need Spanish lessons!!!  LOL

We didn't take any pictures yesterday so we are heading back into town today and will post some more pics!

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


  1. Sailing looks awesome.... but that boat docked next door looks like the way to go for me! :-)

  2. It looks nice but you may need mue dinero to have that....LOL... Cheers Dave

  3. where are you guys going during hurricane season? Venezuela area?

  4. Hi Dave, we are going up the Rio Dulce River in Guatemala for Hurricane season, it is well protected.



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