Friday, January 09, 2015

Where's Ka'imi?

We are in Belize.  We didn't make it out of the Rio in December as planned. We made our way down to Burnt Key on December 14th and took a launcha to check out in Livingston.  When we returned we started the engine to top off our power supply and our engine started smoking like crazy. We were not sure what the problem was but we had recently had the injector pump rebuilt and thought it might be related to that. We had also just done an oil change and used oil we purchased in Mexico.  That oil didn't look so good.  We decided to head back to Tortugal, get some non Mexican oil and have the Mechanic check things out.  We did an oil change with some good oil, after we found that we had a fuel leak in the oil crankcase.  We fixed all our engine problems, but could not leave the Rio because the tides were not right.  We need a high tide to get past the sand bar at the mouth of the Rio Dulce.  We found a high tide on December 31st and decided to leave then.  
Burnt Cay Sunset
The next problem was our boat documentation, it would expire on December 30th.  The documentation was delayed in processing (they said they were backlogged) so we were going to try to get it once we reached the Bay Islands.  Well that plan wouldn't work now!  They had sent us a temporary documentation so we sent for the mail that would possible make it to the Rio on December 30th.   Jeesh...we are cutting things close.  The good news is it all worked out, we got our mail and made it out of the Rio on December 31st at 4:30 PM.

We anchored off the coast of Cabo Tres Puntas, Honduras.  The weather was not looking good for a trip to the Bay Islands.  It was 20-25 knots of wind on our noise and 7-8 foot seas, which probable meant 25 knot winds and 10 ft seas...LOL.... We had a good window to make it to Belize so we headed there.  We are in Placencia, Belize where we will hang for a bit.  We had an issue with the raw water pump and are fixing that, then we will head out to some of the islands on the reef for some snorkeling and diving :)
Oh the joys and woes of cruising!

Cheers Kim and Mike
Dolphins on the Bow

This path takes you to the main street past the soccer field to the Grocery Store

This path takes you to the main street and the Town Pier

Placencia Harbour

Placencia Harbour

Placencia and the Caribbean Sea

Placencia Beach on the Caribbean side

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