Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ranguana Cay

We were able to get away from Placencia for a few days before a strong cold front arrived and sail to Ranguana Cay. A little island near the outer reef of Belize, we had sunshine and clear waters. The snorkeling was nice and the island had some nice beaches. We were in heaven. The only downfall is they charge you $10 per person to step foot on land.  It is good for the entire time your there, but we felt it was a bit much.  We had planned on eating in the restaurant and having a couple beers but after forking out $20 bucks we decided not to. 

Looks like Gilligan's Island.

Lots of palm trees and coconuts.

Nice beaches.


More nice beaches.

Lots of crabs on the island.

Yep, Ka'imi again.

A content Pelican.

One of the cabins they rent. They also allow you to camp.

Showers, urinals and bathrooms.

Another cabin.

A sandy path through the island.

Sea Birds.



Nice sunset.

Cheers Kim and Mike

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