Friday, January 30, 2015

Bay Islands of Honduras

Wow, Roatan is beautiful. We have only been here 2 days but we are loving what we see. We left Placencia, Belize at 7:00 AM on Tuesday the 28th. We went through Ranguana Pass into the Bay of Honduras at 10:30 AM and headed for Roatan, Honduras. We arrived at West End, Roatan at 7:55 AM Wednesday the 29th with a travel time of 25 hours. By the time we got close to the Island we had to take all the sails down and slow ourselves down because we would of reached the break in the reef in the night, not good. So we hung out and motored slowly, dodging the cruise ships that come in at dawn.

We safely navigated the reef and picked up a mooring ball. We didn't check in immediately, we were a bit tired so we had a nice breakfast and an anchor down beer and took a long nap. We did check in yesterday Thursday the 29th and checked out Roxen Hole, where the Port Captain and Immigration are, then the town of West End where we are moored. It is a beautiful island and the people very friendly. Our check in costs were only $10 US dollars which is quite a change (inexpensive) from the other Central American countries we have been visiting!

We have a bit of rain this morning but that should clear up. We may change mooring balls later today because the boat next to us has a very, very loud generator. That is not too bad a thing if you run it for an hour or two, but this guy turns it on mid morning then leaves his boat not returning until sunset. That is too much noise for us! It is all good though there are plenty of mooring balls.

Can't wait to share some pictures, but we are not having much luck getting internet on the boat so we will have to take our laptops to shore. Not so bad, we can get free internet there at any bar and restaurant.

Cheers Kim and Mike

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