Thursday, March 27, 2014

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We started to check into the country Monday morning and finally finished Tuesday afternoon when we were boarded by agriculture and customs. It is a long process and we still need to get our TIP (Temporary Import Permit). We had a cold front pass us yesterday (Wednesday) and stayed on the boat all day as the winds were 18-25 knots and the anchorage here does not have very good holding. We are hoping to take the ferry to Cancun on Friday to get our TIP and be done with the process. In the meantime we are checked in and can enjoy the island. Today we need to find a copier that will do color copies of our check in docs to give to the other officials for the TIP.......stay mellow and all will go fine!

It is very beautiful here and we haven't even begun to explore. We have very iffy internet so we can not download pictures. I did manage to get one on facebook this morning, then nothing else.

Cheers for now Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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  1. hey guys...
    i hear from a friend that there is a great place to eat there for fresh fish. it is called Velasquez and is right on the beach. supposed to be very good and not expensive. from the ferry port turn left and it is a few blocks up. don't know if it will meet Mike's high standards(ie.- Burdines), but ya never know....


  2. Thanks Dave, we may have ate there already we got some fish tacos that were amazing and cheap! Cheers



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