Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Morning

Good Morning,

We are currently off the coast of Cuba, have little or no wind and we are motoring probably most of the morning and maybe afternoon. Conditions should get better to sail after that and we should have a good passage over to Isla Mujeres.

Our current position is N 23.00.641 W 083.49.032 on a heading of 258, winds NE @ 5 kts, right on our stern. We are currently motoring at 4.9 knots. Sea state is 1-2 ft.

Yesterday we got across the Gulf Stream near Havana then turned west and are traveling along the coast to catch a counter current which will be west of W 84 degrees. The winds pick up in the afternoon along the Cuban coast so we had 18-25 kts from about 1500 to dusk. The seas were a healthy 3-5 feet with and occasional set of 6-8 feet so that was exciting.....we took naps all afternoon and our watches last night went smooth so we are very rested and we even had a cup of coffee!

Well I am going to try to scramble up some eggs for breakfast, wish me luck as we still have rolly polly seas! Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

PS I did encounter a little trouble with our pactor modem which sends our messages from the SSB radio last night, so if for some reason you do not hear from us don't stress we will be in Isla Mujeres by Sunday.

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  1. Rolly Polly seas not so much.....we will enjoy your adventures from land! Have a blast!!

  2. Ha Ha Ha Tammie and Jenn! We are having a blast!



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