Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FINALLY!!! We outta Marathon.

They thought they had us but we are finally leaving Marathon, FL tomorrow at first light and heading toward the Western Caribbean.   The hardest part is leaving our friends and we have made some good ones here and it tears at my heart a lot, but it is the way we live and we always have them in our hearts and in our Facebooks...LOL...  We are going to update our position and stuff for our family so they can keep tabs on us and hopefully some exciting stuff like we saw some whales or have a pod of dolphins on our bow!  Cheers all and we will update when we can.

Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


  1. good luck guys!!

    hope you have a great voyage...

    I'm looking forward to your stories and pictures.

    Dave (formerly from Coke)

  2. Thanks Dave when we get better internet Mike will email you! This sure beats Coca Cola...LOL



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