Saturday, July 09, 2005

Starting Out

We are Mike and Kim and we're starting our new life living aboard s/v Ka'imi. Ka'imi is a 42' Vagabond sailboat and we will be starting our new life in Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles where she is currently on the hard for hurricane season. We plan to leave by November 1, 2005 and start preparing her for our life aboard and all around...We bought Ka'imi in April of 2005, she was the boat we wanted and we got her. We have some repairs to do on her while she is in dry dock, then we'll launch her in Simpson Bay and live out there on the hook until we finish preparing and provisioning her then head out for a few shake down cruises. Once we have most of the bugs worked out, we'll reprovision in Sint Maarten, where prices are good for the area then start sailing down through the Caribbean stopping wherever we choose and get out of the hurricane belt by June of 2006.


  1. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Ka'imi testing blogger

  2. Hey Ka'imi it works :)



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