Friday, July 22, 2005

Continued Preparations

The time is slipping by.  It seems like it is taking forever, but our lists keep getting longer, making the time left insufficient....I wonder why that is.  Mike has given his notice at work, so our time to leave has been narrowed to mid November.  Kim will give her notice on September 2nd and there will be no living with her then!  We are still working on the duplex, we need to paint inside one unit and finish a little bit of landscaping at both units.  The hard part is going through the cabinets and deciding what to throw away, what to keep, what to give away and what to garage sale.  We have very little room on the boat for personal things so the decisions are tough, but it will be nice when were done and minimized.  Our excitement is growing, if you know us and see us and we have this huge smile on our faces, you know why!!!  That's all for now.  Cheers Mike and Kim

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