Saturday, July 09, 2005

Family and Friends

We hope this blog will let us communicate with our family and friends while we are out and about in this great big world. We don't want anybody worrying about us if we don't post at regular intervals, it just means we are having too much fun to stop and check in, but neither of us were very good at doing that while we were land based, so I think most of you will understand.

You can also leave posts for us to let us know how your doing or what you think. Our regular email addres will be We will be able to pick up email at this address while we are on land and can find an internet cafe or library. We will also have email on board as soon as we set it up, but those emails must be short and sweet with no attachments at all. We will have ten minutes a day to look at and reply to messages at that address.

Cheers Mike and Kim

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