Monday, January 28, 2008


We have a need for one (1) able bodied crew member to go from Honolulu HI to Marshall Islands, to Truuk, to Palau then Cebu, Philippines - 3-6 months time frame. It is a 54 foot Gulfstar, your own cabin, $1,000 month and airfare one way - what do you say? Must be able to sail, be able bodied, stand watches and general boat help. It is a dive trip, so along with working on the boat we will be diving all these spots so you need your own dive gear. We need this crew member ASAP - so any ideas let us know, it is going to be an awesome trip.

Cheers Kim and Mike email us at

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  1. kerrdm1:13 PM

    Dear Kim and Mike... How are things going? Read your last message - the pictures were great. It's pretty quiet at the dock since your departure. There are a couple of black birds flying around looking for their favorite sailboat to perch on. I explained to them that they had to move on up to Thunderbolt to relieve themselves! Hope all is well in HI Hugs, Diane



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