Thursday, January 10, 2008

Adios Georgia!!!!


Well........ we've had a change in plans - we are leaving Georgia for awhile. We have accepted crew positions on a 54 foot Gulfstar sailing vessel. She is currently docked in Honolulu, Hawaii where we will fly next Friday the 18th. From there we will be heading to the Marshall Islands. We are very excited about this new job opportunity and can't wait to get started. We will update the blog as often as we can to share our adventure.

We leave Delegal Marina on Monday to travel up the ICW to Thunderbolt Marina haul out where we will put Ka'imi on the hard (out of the water) while we are gone. The one great thing about Delegal Marina is it's Harbourmaster. You will always get a smile, a great attitude and a helping hand. Jimmie is the Harbourmaster, he does an excellent job and we will miss him a lot. Thanks for everything Jimmie!!!

We didn't see a lot of Savannah since we started working right away and we never had the same days off, but we did get out once in awhile. The Landings, which is the gated community that the Marina was in has some beautiful places to walk. We followed one of there nature trails one day and came across this spider - ewww.

We also saw lots of different butterflies, deer, birds, plant life and huge trees.

Next we headed for Tybee Island to see what that was like. We needed a sandy beach fix. We stopped at the Crab Shack on our way because we heard it had great atmosphere, which it did. The food was good and there were cats roaming around - you know where Kim was - and alligators out front.

The alligators were in a big pond out in front of the restaurant. They are bred and raised in captivity. They had fishing poles with strings on the end and if you got some alligator treats from the store you could feed them. We didn't but watched some kids feeding them, pretty scary to see those jaws open. I really don't want to go in the water with one of those!!! SEE THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

The beach was very nice and the water was still warm enough that you could of swam in it. Mike is walking on the bridge that goes from the street to the beach. Kim is on the pier.

We loved this insurance ad, we asked if he would insure our boat - but he said no only cars.

Here is a little bit of fog as we wake up one morning on the dock.

So we have both quit our jobs - Mike at the Plantation Golf Course. He wanted to say goodbye to Frank, Tom, Paul, Matt, Ed, Charlie, Austin, Bill, Richard, Lady Bob, Roy, the rest of the Rangers, his boss Brian and wanted to wish Jeremy good luck with that Caddy Job. He had a great time working with these guys.

Kim wanted to say goodbye to her friends at Home Depot - Jaime, Sandy, Sunny, Kia, Jennifer, Terry and Ebony.

Cheers for now and we will keep you updated on our new adventure to the South Pacific. Kim and Mike on Ka'imi

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