Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nassau, Bahamas

We left Norman's Cay at 5:07 AM on Monday, April 23, 2007, arriving in Nassau about 1:00 PM. Nassau Harbour is very busy with lots of commercial and pleasure boat traffic. We had to call the Harbormaster just to get clearance to come into the Harbour. We were heading for Nassau Harbour Club Marina were we had a slip reserved. We had a navigation light and a bilge pump to fix and we needed to provision the boat. We were only planning on staying a day or two to get our supplies and to wait out a cold front. We heard the holding was really bad and there were not many places to leave the dinghy so we decided to take the slip at the marina. Maybe we're getting spoiled....

The marina was really nice. We took hot showers and Ka'imi had a good freshwater bath! Captain Mike did an excellent job of getting us in and out of the marina with the wind, current and very tight quarters, not to mention that all the surrounding boats were large and expensive.

Sorry but we were so busy here that we didn't take any pictures but you can use the Google search bar above to get more information and view some pictures of Nassau, Bahamas.

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We left Nassau and headed to the Berry Islands. These islands are where Mike and his friend Tim spent some time about 20 years ago. It was great seeing what Mike had talked about for so long, and interesting for Mike to see the changes that had occurred. More on that in the next post. Cheers from Ka'imi and don't forget to use the search bar for more info on Nassau.

Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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