Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Georgia Residents


Well it's official, today we became Georgia residents just so we could register the car we bought. It's a good thing too because we had a visit from the Georgia Police on Saturday, a resident here at the plush Landings gated community called to report us. Can you imagine that??? The car was legal we had 30 days to register, but we were waiting for documentation from the CA DMV on Mike's license which he lost in Bonaire. So here in Georgia, you don't get your plates (or tags as they call them here) until you register. All's well now, that person will have to find someone else to rat on, and we understand that goes on a lot. Great.......
We have done some varnish work to the boat, made an air conditioner cowling and a few other minor things while we were waiting for the car registration and our Georgia Driver's license so we can get jobs. For now we will post some updates where we left off in the Bahamas.
We also checked in with some friends from Venezuela, Indigo Moon, who we were docked near in Bahia Redonda, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. They updated their website about Venezuela and we think you will find it very enlightning, plus they have a great website of their travels. You can find them at: http://www.indigomoon.us/. It is definitely worth a read. Tell them Ka'imi sent you.
Hope everyone is well, cheers Mike and Kim

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