Friday, February 02, 2007

Northern Bonaire

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The northern half of Bonaire is a desert landscape with sculpted cliffs, jagged rocks, caves and arches. We rented a jeep with Ken and Roberta, Second Wind, to see the Washington Slagbaai National Park which is located on the northern end of Bonaire. Go the this link to read find out more about the park and it's history.

Inside the park you can see large Iguanas and lots of bird life. We saw this bird species several times, an Osprey. We have one that frequents the condos in front of our boat also. He perches high on the condo roof overlooking the sea.

The Yellow Shouldered Parrot is an endangered species and a rare sight. We saw this one on the way to the park. You can always find Flamingos in the park.

There are several Beaches and Dive sites in the Park. This is Playa Funchi. We didn't bring our gear so we didn't dive here, there probably wouldn't of been enough time to dive and see the park. They are very strict about closing on time - you have to be on your way out by 4:00 PM to close at 5:00 PM.

With the abolishment of slavery in 1863, the Spanish brought donkeys to the island to cart water, salt and other goods. Donkeys were used instead of horses because they are stubborn and always follow the same route without a guide. These guys run free in the park and three of them came up to our jeep to feed on some potato chips. They were very friendly.
This house is in the park. You have to cross a dirt road that goes right through the water to get to it. Here is an Iguana road sign to warn you that there may be iguanas in the roadway. In Bonaire they use cactus for fence.
They plant full grown cactus which start to root and make the fence. They have special tools to help with the planting.
Bye for now, Mike and Kim on Ka'imi


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    great ppictures - I thoought that was a croc!!! compputer just came alive so can keep up on your adventures love & hugs

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    cactus fence - great old Spanish idea, still works. Bev



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