Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Leaving Bonaire


It's time to move on again. We will be leaving tomorrow, Thursday, 2/7/07. We have certainly enjoyed our stay here in Bonaire. We have loved the people, the diving has been spectacular and the land touring has been great. We had to say good bye to our good friends Ken and Roberta, Second Wind. (check out their website They are heading for Cartegna in April and then on to Panama and San Blas. We wish you guys the best and look forward to meeting up with you again someday.

We were originally going to head to Cartegna and then to Panama and the San Blas this season, but we have changed our minds. We are going back to the States (the east coast) and find jobs (eeeek).

We will head to Puerto Rico from Bonaire, it will be a 4 day trip, our longest yet. We will not have internet access for that time and do not know when we will have it next. Our SSB is up and running so we will be able to send and receive email through our sailmail. After Puerto Rico we will probably sail over to the Dominican Republic to get a good jump off point for the Turks and Caicos, then head over to the Bahamas. We will probably make landfall in Florida, where we will rent a car and drive up the east coast, trying to figure out where we will base ourselves. If any of you know anything about the east coast states (coastal areas) of Georgia, South Carolina or North Carolina we would love to hear from you!!
Here are some Bonaire moments:

Our friend Denise, South of Reality, heading for the Customs office to turn in her weapons (spearguns) (photo courtesy of Second Wind).

We met and said goodbye to a lot of new friends in Bonaire. Sandcastle, South of Reality, Not So Interim, Que Barbara, Pelican's Flight and Second Wind are pictured here (photo courtesy of Second Wind).

This fisherman is out everyday, and his friend the Pelican is always right there with him (photo courtesy of Second Wind).

We will try to do daily updates to the blog, telling you our position as we cross to Puerto Rico. We won't be able to post pictures, just text. As we patiently watch and wait for the weather window, Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Howdy, great stuff, as usual. It is suppposed to rain today, we could use it. Paul pulled up the tree stump in the front with chain to pick-up. Thought he would pull bumper off, but tree stump gave up first. Thank you Lord...
    Enjoyed Second Wind site! All good stuff. Enjoy Bev & Paul



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