Tuesday, June 13, 2006

St. Davids, Grenada


Hello all, we left Carriacou and sailed down the windward side of Grenada to St. Davids Point which is identified by this landmark. The Harbour is also called St. Davids. Many years ago, sailing ships would sail in to this harbour to load up on spices and produce bound for Europe. Although never the site of a town, it was an important harbour. It is deeply indented enough to be well protected, and the reefs at the entrance reduce any swells when the trades turn south of east. It is home to Grenada Marina, a very popular haul out facility for hurricane season. We stayed here about a week and explored a little bit of this part of the island. Adjoining Grenada Marine is the Bel Air Plantation, an upmarket resort and restaurant. The food here was incredibly good. We took a hike over the hill and found a few good bays with great beaches. We found a bat cave too. We hiked over a couple bays and walked back a long way inland. The inner island was very lush with vegetation and farms.

We think the building officials must not be on island - actually it looked very sturdy and had a great view. Once we saw the post office we decided not to have our mail sent here so we moved on to Prickly Bay to a better post office.that's all from St. Davids, Cheers Mike and Kim

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