Thursday, June 08, 2006

Petite St. Vincent and Petite Martinique


Petite St. Vincent is a private island with a very upscale resort (click HERE to see the resort website). We had wanted to vacation here about 4 years ago, but the prices were so high, we decided on a cruise instead. The place was founded back in the 50's by a couple of guys who retired from the Air Force and came to the Caribbean on their s/v Jacinta. They chartered and one of their clients thought it would be fun to buy a Caribbean island and built a resort on it. The man asked if the two men would build and manage it for him. They did and one of the guys Haze Richardson is still there managing the place. We think we got a glimpse of him while we were on the beach, but not sure. You cannot go anywhere on the island except a small portion of the beach. It was on this beach that Unplugged taught us to play Bocci must have cocktails while playing this and remembering whose turn it is or what color you are is half the fun...then of course chasing the balls that slide into the ocean.

Petite Martinique was a little island not far from Petit St. Vincent. We were able to dinghy there. They had good prices on groceries and beer so we stocked up there. The island people live by boatbuilding, seafaring and fishing and in the old days, smuggling. We took a walk down the main street and saw lots of goats a few graveyards. The graveyards on the islands are very unique, they pop up all over the place. In front of grocery stores, right in the middle of a houses or wherever they can fit them. They make beautiful boats here and we were lucky enough to see one in the process. To finish up on the island we had conch fritters - very delicious :)

Till next time, Cheers Mike and Kim


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    It must be great trying all new & unique recipes - everything looks & sounds great!!! mom

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    great photos as usual, I'm sending the hotsauce pix to my brother, they love that stuff. (not me) all fine here, we have new/old project, 1975 Chevy pickup... to restore ;-) Bev & Paul



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