Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trip to Livingston

In July we had to make a trip to Livingston to renew our visa's for another 3 months.  We took a Launcha and made the 20 mile trip in 2 hours.  We left at 9:00 AM and at this time the waters are usually calm, but of course the winds had picked up and the water was very choppy.  This made for a very uncomfortable ride through the El Golfete.  When the Launcha came to pick us up it was pretty full except the front seat.  Mike and I said 'Are these people crazy they left the best seats', so we grabbed them.  MISTAKE..LOL.  It was pretty bumpy and we were bouncing up and down all the way. When we got to Livingston we bought some beach towels to pad our behinds for the ride home!  Below is a picture of the beautiful lily pads on the river.

Children in Cayucos (wooden canoes) came out to the boat to sell trinkets.   

We also stopped at the hot sulfar springs.  
 Our Launcha.
In Livingston we spotted this dog taking a nap in a hotel lobby.

A street in Livingston.

A street in Livingston.


This is Livingston, they were drying fish out.  The fish were everywhere, on the tables on the ground, wouldn't even think about eating these.  Dogs, rain and whatever else you can imagine on that ground.

Livingston, a man enjoying his newspaper.

Raul's Office (our Agent)

A hotel in Livingston with a view of the Caribbean Sea.  

We are still at Tortugal, Mom Pitteroff is visiting and we are having a fabulous time!  

Cheers Kim and Mike

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