Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Town of Fronteras, Rio Dulce

Fronteras and El Relleno are the two towns at opposite sides of a concrete bridge that make up the Rio Dulce area.   Fronteras is the town that we most frequent and where the pictures below were taken.  The town is noisy, smelly and chaotic. Cars, buses, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, pedestrians and trucks of all sizes (cattle trucks, fuel trucks, etc.) compete for space along the main road that runs through the town. There are no sidewalks or parking spaces, so wherever you fit whether driving or walking is where you go.  They have armed guards at the banks, supermarkets, docks and on the delivery trucks.  It makes for some adventurous treks.  

The picture below is typical of the Tienda's that line the street. These Tienda's sell mostly the same products and there are a lot of them.

It took us a little while to scope out the best places to get what we needed.  We now have our favorites for getting fresh corn and flour tortillas,  fresh shrimp and dried spices.

Here is an example of the amount of space available to walk. Depending on who is where you either go to the left or right of this van.  It is not wise to stop and dally too long as you will get lost in the shuffle of people...LOL.  

Below is a tuk-tuk, they are little taxis that can take you to the end of the town and back, good on really hot days!  They cost 3 Quetzal per person each way.  That is US $.39 so it is well worth it.

Finally, here is Carlos the Welder's shop.  We brought our fuel injection lines to him to see if he could find a place to buy new ones, old ones or have them fabricated.  Yesterday he told us that he hasn't had any luck so now we must find a different source, this is not going to an easy one.  Notice the sign in back says Welding Lab, love it.

They also have fruit and vegetable vendors along the road, which I do not have pictures of yet.  We rarely take our camera into town and the above pictures were taken with our movie camera and then I got stills from that.  We have found our favorite fruit and vegetable vendor and venture there on Saturday's or Tuesday's when the fresh stuff comes in.  There are also a many restaurants along the street.

Here is one of our trips in a tuk-tuk through the town.

So far we are having a great time here on the Rio Dulce.  We have been exploring and I will post pictures of that on my next update.

Cheers Kim and Mike


  1. Great town pics!!You sure summed it up !

  2. I just re-read the post and hope I wasn't too's all true but I actually like going to town, I find something new every time. We love the people here also, they are honest, hard working and friendly. Cheers :)

  3. No not harsh, totally accurate :-) getting off the main road is where it gets more interesting. And yes agree about the people! ! Town is always a mad house but as surely you have noticed
    more so on weekends. Morales, Morales, Morales.......funny hear that all the time but actually needed one of those collectivos last trip :-)
    Waterfall yet? ?

  4. I hear Morales, Morales, Morales in my head all the time. We need to make a trip there. We are trying like crazy to find some red engine paint. Did you see any stores there that might have it? We have searched out Fronteres.

    No waterfall yet, we have people working on the decks and don't want to leave yet. Soon we hope Cheers!



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