Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Our departure time from Marathon has been delayed about 6-8 weeks so Mike could get his hernia fixed. He had the surgery and is doing great, he is just antsy to get going! In the meantime we did a little shakedown cruise to test our equipment and ourselves, we have been in harbour far too long. We anchored outside the harbour Monday night and got the water maker unpickled, the SSB radio working so we get grib files and sailmail (radio email), I am posting this message to the blog via the radio - cool huh! We took a sail today with 22 knot winds, only got the genoa up, we didn't want to do too much Mike can't really lift or strain himself, so it was all up to Kim..and she is rusty :(...

Most systems are up and running, we still have problems with our wind indicator though, will have to figure that out. We also didn't stow everything like we usually do so a few things fell down and rolled around! Heading back to the mooring ball tomorrow and will keep plugging away until Mike feels up to sailing! Will post some pictures later...Cheers Mike and Kim

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