Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leslie & Dennis come to Ka'imi


Michael picks them up in our stylin' keys cruiser..boy were they impressed! Mike had to play the part by putting in some fake rotten teeth (or are they?) and acting normal :).. To the left they are all standing on the old 7 mile bridge.

They quickly made themselves at home and WE had to ask permission to come aboard....I don't think there going to leave Mike...uh oh....well we finally got them back on land.

Here's Mike and Dennis having a beer on board Ka'imi. Leslie and Dennis both thought the boat was bigger than the pictures made them look. They brought awful big suitcases for a week......I really don't think there gonna leave.

This is one of our favorites places to eat, Burdines. Leslie and Dennis enjoyed it too.

This is the old 7 mile bridge, it runs right along side the new bridge. The view from here is incredible. Most of the time you will see turtles, Eagle Rays and even sharks.

You can see a Eagle Ray in the picture on the left. To the right at the end of this road is Pigeon Key. This road used to be just railroad tracks and Pigeon Key is where the workers for the railroad lived. Leslie and Dennis took a bike ride down this road.

We took Ka'imi out to Sombrero Light of some scuba diving. It was a great day to sail, but a little rough out at the dive sight. Here is Dennis & Leslie riding the bow of the boat.

Here they are taking their turn at the wheel. Now we've done it, they're never going to leave!

We got lucky and had a pod of dolphins ride our bow on the way back from Sombrero Light.

Back in the harbor we are treated to a beautiful sunset and a dolphin cruising by.

We don't have pictures of everything but we did a lot of exploring in the dinghy and ate out at almost all the good restaurants, we ran out of time a week is just too short. Here they are in Key West at the famous Hog Breath Saloon. They also visited the Dolphin Research Center on their way out! We had a great visit and can't wait for you guys to come back!

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