Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dog and House Sitting in Boot Key Harbor

Here we are at the private dock in Marathon where we have spent the summer. We will be leaving the dock in a couple of days to go back on a mooring ball. The weather should start to cool down (although right now it is still in the low 90's) so we won't need the air conditioner. The dock and the apartments belong to Gale and Mary, the nicest people you could ever meet. The lived here when they first came to the Keys from California. They have since built a bigger house on Sister Creek and are now living there. They have a dog, Rocky, and we have had the privilege of watching him while they are away - what fun!

These are pictures of the studio apartment that comes with the dock. You are not allowed to live aboard on private docks, so you have to have a room.

This is Rocky, the dog, an Australian Terrier and our friend :)

If we watch Rocky for just a couple of days we get to stay in this apartment (which is above the studio). It has a doggy door, this is where Gale and Mary used to live.

Here is a picture of the anchorage where we will be mooring and of Ka'imi. This is the top of the apartments where we are docked.

We watched Rocky for 10 days when those guys went on vacation and got to stay in their new house it's beautiful as you can see. We weren't hurting much.

A swim and sundowner's on the patio - life is rough!

This is the room we stayed in, check out that view, NIIICE.

Kim's big 50th Birthday came while we were staying here - OUCHHH! Mike is making the customary birthday breakfast of Egg's Benedict with avocado, tomato and Bearnaise Sauce - yummy! We went out for Mexican Dinner and Margaritas later.

A little sunset view and Mike using his 50 block suntan lotion that he got from his sister Robin for his Birthday.

One of Rocky's and our favorite things to do - go to the beach. He was a maniac and so covered with sand when we left, from his mouth to his tail. That was a fun cleanup.

Here he is trying to look innocent, but we can see the blue flowers all over his little body, wonder what the yard looks like - yikes.

Well that brings us up to date for now. Michael has gotten a real J-O-B. This is his second week and they are working his butt off. He is a driver for Coca-Cola servicing the coke machines from Islamorada to Key West. He likes it but it's taking time to get the machines back up to par, they were not serviced very well while they searched for the new driver. Kim is looking for a J-O-B and hopefully will find something just as exciting. In the meantime she is doing boat chores! We will keep posting pictures of the area and follow up with some things we may have left out from our past travels. Cheers for now, Kim and Mike

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