Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 10 same anchorage, same ICW

We had some dense heavy fog this morning and as of this writing of 1245 it is still foggy. We thought it was clearing this morning so we headed out at 0940. We got down the Wahoo Creek and instead of getting better it was getting denser. We tossed the anchor out to wait it out, but as of 1130 it looked like it was getting worse so we pulled the anchor up and went back to our anchorage. We will wait here today and hope that it's better tomorrow.

It's a nice anchorage so we'll relax and enjoy the rest. We have plenty of provisions so no problem there and lots of goodies. Today we'll munch the chocolate covered strawberries - thank you Sherrie. We already ate the Christmas cookies and brownies from Kathy and Frank - (like the first day)- thanks guys.

So all is well here, cheers to all Kim and Mike

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