Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tiger Point Marina, Fernandino Beach, FL


Before we left on our road trip we made sure Ka'imi was safely hauled out and ready for the work to begin. The travel lift had a flat tire so they were not able to haul us out until the next day. They never power washed to bottom we had to do it by hand when we came back from South Carolina so we could get started on the sanding and painting. You can see the black creosole on the sides of Ka'imi from Seafarer's Marina which was very hard to remove. The water line is tape that was also very hard to remove, you can see where it had already started peeling off. That happened at soon as we launched in St. Martin, we used old tape :(.

Before they hauled us out, we gave them a picture of where to put the straps - but they obviously didn't use the picture because they broke the cable that goes from the keel to the skeg. We we asked him about it, the owner said oh ya, what do you have that on there for and do you want us to put it back? We thought a moment and said ---"YEESSS, we would please like you to put it back that way it was. It will hopefully protect our prop and strut from crab pot lines. Thank you very much." The lift bay is very shallow at low tide, and since they could not get our boat out right away, you see the mud on the rudder and skeg where Ka'imi had sat in the mud for awhile.

We cleaned and scrubbed the hull, cleaned and sanded the bottom and finally applied the bottom paint. It paid off, doesn't she look beautiful. While we are here in Georgia we will be replacing the back window and next time we haul out, we will be having the name plate redone. We had done it hurriedly when we left St. Martin when we changed to name of the boat to Ka'imi, so we hope to get a more professional job done next time.
One day we were talking to the owner of the yard when we heard a loud noise, then the crunching of metal then some loud profanities. Some guy had been working on one of the boats and removed a boat stand that he shouldn't have and the boat toppled over on it's side, luckily not damaging any other boats but crushing the guys truck who was working on the boat. Ooopss!!! Wish we would of taken a picture of that.

We are finally ready to launch and we say we want to go at slack tide. The owner puts us into the lift bay on the incoming tide and starts to launch us saying he can't wait - crap. To make matters worse they let the lines go too soon, even though Mike told them to hold them until his signal. Well Mike got us out of there, but it was very difficult. We were glad to be gone!!!! We hit the ICW and left Florida.
We anchored overnight in Georgia waters then headed to Jeckyl Island, Georgia

Cheers Mike and Kim on Ka'imi

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  1. Jackie Maderski2:33 PM

    We do apologize for problems that happened at Tiger Point Marina during your stay. Our travel-lift has special tires and it is hard to find them, but thanks to a great company they found them and we were able to replace all of the tires. In looking at your bill, I do not see where you requested a pressure wash. The cost is $3.00 per ft and if my memory serves me well, you said you would wash the boat yourself. Again, I apologize, we normally pressure wash when the boat is first hauled. It was a terrible thing for a boat to turn over. That is why we are no longer allowing people to do their own work in the marina. It was an outside company doing the striping of the boat and moved the stands without notifying Tiger Point Marina. We did though, even after the fact, and it not being Tiger Point's responsibility compensate the customer because of the ordeal. He wanted a boat slip here at the marina and we had a slip available. He is still leasing the slip and is a happy customer.
    Mike and Kim, I am truly sorry about your experience with Tiger Point Marina.
    Jackie Maderski
    General Manager



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